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BSc Graduate Projects Webinar Tuesday 29th November 2022 @1pm

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BSc Graduate Projects: Webinar Tuesday 29th November 2022 at 1pm

Project Titles are:

Gavin O Connor, TU Dublin: ''The Detection and Titration of Immune IgG Anti-A and Anti-B in ABO HDFN'' IBTS  

Eimear Carr, ATU: ''The benefits of the introduction of EXM in Letterkenny University Hospital'' 

Erica Horan, MTU: ''A Review of the Efficacy of the Foetal Rhesus D Screening Programme Which Guides the Requirement for Anti-D Prophylaxis in Cork University Hospital''

Chairperson: Ailenn Farrelly, Chief Medical Scientist, IBTS. 

Booking is through the Academy website: www.acslm.ie

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