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Envetec Generations - Sustainable Treatment of Biohazardous Laboratory Waste Tuesday 16th May 2023 @1pm

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Conor Connolly

Webinar presented by Conor Connolly, VP, Business Development (Diagnostics), Envetec Sustainable Technologies.

Conor Connolly is Vice President of Business Development for Envetec. Envetec is an Irish company with a global vision to create clean change. Their mission is to enable all laboratories to move towards zero biohazardous waste.

Conor has an honours Degree in Biotechnology from DCU and moved from University in to a role in a microbiology laboratory in Icon plc. Following this he joined Technopath Clinical Diagnostics in 2011. Conor was VP of Commercial for Technopath, managing all global sales, marketing and business development teams. Following the acquisition of Technopath by LGC in 2021, Conor became VP of Global Sales for all LGC clinical diagnostic business.

Conor joined Envetec in 2023 and has recently become a My Green Lab Ambassador.

About Envetec

Envetec was founded in 2021 as a spin-out from Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a leader in clinical diagnostics whose clients included global diagnostic companies and clinical laboratories. Envetec’s GENERATIONS – our clean technology – represents 10 years of investment in research and development combined with industry collaboration to deliver the best solution for the safe treatment of laboratory biohazardous materials and waste with the ability to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Webinar Content: 

Overview of Envetec and their product

How Envetec are driving sustainable change 

What is Envetec Generations and how does it work 

How could Envetec Generations make a positive impact in your lab