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CPD Open Forum - Tuesday 25th April 2023 @1pm

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CPD Open Forum
Tuesday, 25th April 2023 at 1pm.

"CPD Open Forum "
presented by Jemma Kehoe and Leo Mulvany, CPD Officers

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Join Leo and Jemma:


This forum is designed for Medical Scientists and other Health and Social Care Professionals to enhance their understanding of Continuous Professional Development, Reflective Learning/Practice and how to complete the CPD record and organise your CPD work. Also, we will show you how to create CPD records electronically using the Academy CPD electronic system (which uses the CORU template) and how to bring your data together if you are called for a CORU audit. This is shown by way of live online demonstration explaining how to create CPD records and produce you audit report. You may also ask questions live if you wish by typing in your question to the panel or talking on the webinar.
The Academy's CPD system has been validated by CORU.

Other topics covered: 

Clear ideas on how to organise and produce your CPD records
Tips and Tricks for the next CORU Audit on a 24 month cycle 
Get your questions answered – via Zoom Q&A session
Clear understanding of what’s expected from a CORU CPD perspective
CPD – you’re doing it, but you’re not realising it! Let us show you how to use this to your advantage….
Done-for-you CPD system at your fingertips (CORU Approved)
Discover the CORU Exemplars your colleagues have produced for you to aid your CPD

Any Queries to cpd@acslm.ie