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Seminar: Mindfulness, Resilience and Emotional Mastery. 5th March 2022 at 10 - 11.30am.

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Seminar: Mindfulness, Resilience and Emotional Mastery

      By Teresa O'Brien
                  Saturday, 5th March, 10 - 11.30am. (Zoom Webinar)
This workshop will give you tools to support yourself in the areas of mental and emotional health during times of pressure, crisis and day to day challenges at work and home

Teresa O'Brien
Teresa O'Brien 

How to manage difficult thoughts and emotions and how this influences overall health

Relaxation techniques with the use of Mindfulness CBT and other ways to reduce stress.

How to identify and communicate your needs effectively.

Dealing with increasing pressure and its effects.

Techniques for better sleep and motivation

Creating an overall vision for your health and wellbeing.


Full details and registration: Click here