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Mindfulness: Back to Basics - Saturday, 4th March 10.30am.

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    WELLBEING: Back to Basics
Saturday, 4th March, 10.30 - 11.45am - Zoom
  Dr. Sarah Clarke, Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist, Beaumont Hospital



Sarah is a Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist working in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin. She provides assessments and interventions for patients with a wide variety of neurological and neurosurgical presentations.

Sarah's particular areas of interest include epilepsy, neuropsychological aspects of neurosurgery, functional neurological disorders and sleep/ sleep disorders.


Wellbeing: Back to Basics

Topics will include:

- Wellbeing and self-care for the busy HSCP

- Common challenges and barriers to wellbeing and self-care

- Discussion of practical suggestions about self-care strategies & how implementing these techniques can increase and maintain wellbeing

There will be time for Q&A also.